RealSlim Changelog


  • Further improvements to the web interface (requires SlimServer 5.2).
  • Created a Windows service to be installed on the machine that has Rhapsody. The service makes sure that the extensions that are necessary for RealSlim to work are loaded everytime Rhapsody comes up. This makes it even easier for SlimServer and Rhapsody to run on separate machines.
  • Created a Windows installer to install RealSlim and the Rhapsody extension components.
  • Fixed a major bug that hurt overall SlimServer performance (and often caused SlimServer to peg the CPU).


  • Added support for a web interface starting with SlimServer 5.2.
  • Added a settings page, available through Server Settings > Additional Server Settings > Plugins.
  • RealSlim can now run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Of course, Rhapsody still only runs under Windows. However, with the ability introduced in v0.5 to have RealSlim running on a different machine than Rhapsody, it's possible to mix and match OSes. I've only done significant testing on Windows and Linux...better testing for OS X to follow.


  • Improved stability and performance when SlimServer is run as a Windows service:
    • RealSlim no longer launches the Rhapsody application itself or manages the Rhapsody window. Irrespective of whether SlimServer is running as an application or a service, you will have to bring Rhapsody up yourself. While this seems like an added inconvenience, it makes the relationship between RealSlim and Rhapsody much less tenuous and much more stable.
    • RealSlim now uses the UPnP protocol to monitor the status of the Rhapsody application. A large change in this release is the use a Perl UPnP implementation rather than the Microsoft UPnP service. The Perl implementation is more stable and performant. This eliminates one of the previously necessary steps for installing RealSlim - you no longer have to start the Microsoft UPnP service.
    • The SlimServer service no longer has to run under a user account. You can now leave it as it is installed - running under the Local System account.
  • Rhapsody no longer has to be running on the same machine as SlimServer.
    • An advantage of using UPnP to monitor the Rhapsody application is that Rhapsody can be running on any machine on your local network.
    • There is still code that needs to be installed into a running Rhapsody application for RealSlim to communicate with the player. This is done automatically when Rhapsody and RealSlim are running on the same machine. Unfortunately, it must be done manually if they are on different machines. You will have to run the program HookAndDie.exe (found in the Rhapsody plugin directory) on the machine running Rhapsody, anytime Rhapsody is launched. I'm considering building a Windows service that will take over this manual task, but as of now, no such service exists.
  • Web page scraping templates updated to match minor changes to Rhapsody catalog pages.


  • Replaced Windows XP-only API calls in HookAndDie.cpp with ones that work in Windows 2000 Professional.


  • Released on 3/18/2004.
  • First release through SourceForge project site.