Installing RealSlim

Installing the RealSlim plugin involves the following steps:

  • Checking to see that your setup meets the system requirements for the plugin.
  • Installing the plugin module itself.
  • Fetching LAME if you use a SliMP3 (as opposed to a Squeezebox) or use the "Always compress content" preference option. This step is not required for Sqeezebox users.
  • Confirming that Rhapsody is set up to run a UPnP server.

Requirements for installation

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home, XP Professional or 2000 Professional.
  • A Rhapsody client from
  • A paid All Access Rhapsody subscription (untested with a trial or partial subscription).
  • SlimServer version 5.1.1 or later. SlimServer 5.2 is necessary for access to RealSlim through the SlimServer web interface.

Installing the plugin

Please shut down both SlimServer (and the slim.exe Windows service) and Rhapsody before installing RealSlim.

With v0.6, installation on a Windows machine is done via an installer application - RealSlimSetup.exe. The installer allows you to install two components:

  • The RealSlim Plugin that gets installed into SlimServer's Plugins directory.
  • Rhapsody extensions that get installed into the Rhapsody application directory (often C:\Program Files\Listen Rhapsody).

In the most common case, these two components will be intstalled on the same machine. It is, however, possible to run SlimServer and Rhapsody on separate machines in the same local area network. In that case, the installer can be used to selectively install the components on the two machines.

The RealSlim plugin can also be installed on a non-Windows machine. In this case, the .zip file containing the plugin binary should be used ( The directory Rhapsody should be uncompressed to your SlimServer installation's Plugins directory.

Finding LAME

If you use a SliMP3 (as opposed to a Squeezebox) or specify the "Always compress content" preference option, get lame_enc.dll from either of the following:

Copy the file lame_enc.dll to the Rhapsody application directory (default C:\Program Files\Listen Rhapsody).

Rhapsody UPnP

RealSlim uses the UPnP standard to communicate with Rhapsody. To confirm that Rhapsody is speaking UPnP:

  • Choose the User Settings... option from the Options menu.
  • Click on the UPnP tab in the settings dialog.
  • Check the option Start UPnP Server once logged in.