RealSlim is a software project that integrates the Slim Devices Squeezebox MP3 Player with the Rhapsody music subscription service. It allows legitimate customers of both products to use them together. The project provides a SlimServer plugin that implements an interface to browse and search the Rhapsody catalog from a Squeezebox, as well as play Rhapsody content on a home theater stereo or speakers. It does not provide a way to get unpaid access to Rhapsody content. Nor does it provide methods for illegal distribution or sharing of Rhapsody streams.

Please note that this project is not a product of either Slim Devices, Inc. or RealNetworks, Inc. Furthermore, use of this plugin may violate the user agreement that you have in place for the RealNetworks Rhapsody service.

Latest news

v0.6 is available on the Downloads page. Improvements in this version include:

  • Added support for a web interface for RealSlim (requires SlimServer 5.2). RealSlim links should appear on the home page after the plugin is installed.
  • RealSlim can now run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Of course, Rhapsody still only runs under Windows. However, with the ability introduced in v0.5 to have RealSlim running on a different machine than Rhapsody, it's possible to mix and match OSes.
  • The Rhapsody extension components needed to get Rhapsody to communicate with RealSlim are now packaged as a Windows service. The service makes sure that the extensions are loaded everytime Rhapsody comes up. This makes it even easier for SlimServer and Rhapsody to run on separate machines.
  • Created a Windows installer to install RealSlim and the Rhapsody extension components.
  • Fixed several bugs, including a performance bug that hurt overall SlimServer performance (and often caused SlimServer to peg the CPU).